Frugal Super Bowl Party Ideas
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Frugal Super Bowl Party Ideas

Posted on Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Your Super Bowl party doesn't have to be super expensive!  Try some of these frugal Super Bowl party ideas.Hosting a Super Bowl party doesn’t have to be super expensive. There are things you can do to cut down on the cost without sacrificing any of the fun. Here are a few ideas that will help you have a frugal Super Bowl party.

Frugal Super Bowl Party Ideas

Order some Pizza
A simple way to save money on party food is to order some pizzas. One large pizza can feed at least three adults. Call ahead to your favorite pizza place and see if they have any Super Bowl deals going on. Find out if they deliver or if you have to go get the pizza yourself. You can’t go wrong with pizza!

Skip the “Party Tray”
Don’t buy the “party tray” at the grocery store. You can put together one yourself for less money. Buy some fresh vegetables and cut them into bite sized pieces. Arrange them nicely on a decorative plate. Open a container of dip and put it in the middle of the veggies.

It is super simple to put together a cheese and cracker tray. Buy some blocks of cheese. Select more than one type. Cheddar is always a hit. Cut the cheese into cubes. Pick up a box or two of tasty crackers. Line everything up on a plate. It will cost less than the “party tray” that has the same stuff in it.

Use Real Dishes
Your Super Bowl party is taking place in your house, and you have plenty of nice dishes. You can use them for free. Doing so allows you to save money because you won’t be buying paper plates and plastic forks.

Nobody is going to complain about having to use a “real” plate instead of a paper one. Another advantage of using real dishes is that they are strong and sturdy. Your guests can safely pile food on them without having to worry about a collapse.

It is perfectly acceptable to ask guests to “bring your own beverage”. Make sure your party invitations clearly state this expectation. You may want to let people know that you will be serving soda, and that those who want alcohol are welcome to bring it with them.

Go ahead and pick up some 2-liter bottles of soda. Guests who would like a drink that includes alcohol can bring their own. This cuts down on the cost of the Super Bowl party. It also allows guests to opt for whatever type of drink they are comfortable with.

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