Frugal Super Bowl Party Decorations
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Frugal Super Bowl Party Decorations

Posted on Monday, January 27th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Here are some frugal ideas for decorations for your Super Bowl party. The most important part of every Super Bowl party is the TV. People are going to be focused on the game. They aren’t really going to be paying much attention to the decorations at the party. If you want to decorate, the key idea is to keep things simple. Here are some frugal Super Bowl Party decoration ideas to try.

Frugal Super Bowl Party Decorations Ideas

Stick with Team Colors
What colors are on the uniform of the team you are cheering for? Let that guide your choice of decorations. You can get a solid color plastic tablecloth, paper napkins, and paper plates from the dollar store or a party store. Pick colors that match your team. Put the tablecloth on the table or counter that will hold the “finger food” you are serving.

Ask your guests to wear team colors. Those who happen to have a jersey should wear it. This is a really easy way to add to the decoration aspect of your party without adding unnecessary clutter.

Football Field Tablecloth
Want to get a little bit fancy with your decorations? Get a roll of Con-Tact Chalkboard Paper and use it as your tablecloth. Use chalk and a ruler to make straight lines. When you are done, it will resemble a football field. Strategically place the snack foods on the “field”.

Football Banner
Uncommon Designs has step-by-step directions that will show you how to make a football banner. It can be draped along the edge of the table or hung up on a wall over the TV. The banner consists of several, small, footballs that have been cut from a brown vinyl. Glue them onto a sturdy string (like jute) and let them dry.

Football Labels
Hostess with the Mostess has a decorative solution to a common problem. Everyone is focused on the game, and may lose track of which cup was theirs. Use a football label to instantly solve the problem!

Choose your favorite website that prints labels. Or, you could use regular labels that adhere like stickers. Draw a football on them. Write the name of the guests and stick the label to his or her cup or bottle. No more guessing!

Astroturf Carpet
Your guests can feel like they are standing on the football field as they watch the game! This idea came from the MarJennings Blog. Place the Astroturf Carpet directly over your carpet. Let the Astroturf catch the spills and dropped food (instead of your carpet).

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