Frugal Summer Fun for Kids
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Frugal Summer Fun for Kids

Posted on Friday, May 31st, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Summer vacation is coming up fast. Unfortunately, most parents do not have the type of jobs that come with a long summer vacation. Looking for some frugal summer fun for your kids to participate in while you are working? Try some of these ideas!

Boys and Girls Club of America
This club is open to both boys and girls who are in elementary school, middle school, or high school (often in separate locations that are divided by age group). Most of the Clubs are open from 7:00 in the morning through 7:00 at night. The after school program is $20.00 per year. Summer programs may have a different fee.

Boys and Girls Clubs offer activities that are educational, that involve the arts, that allow kids the opportunity to participate in sports, and that teach health and life skills. During the summer, there is the potential that your local Boys and Girls Club will take kids on field trips to the public pool, museums, parks, and perhaps even movie theaters. Use their website to find a Boys and Girls Club location that is near where you live.

There is a child care program program at the YMCA that accepts infants through preschoolers. There are full-day and partial-day options. It was designed for parents who needed a safe, stimulating, environment for their young child to be in while the parent is working.

The Y also has a “Swim, Sports & Play” program for the summer. It includes swim lessons, youth sports (soccer, baseball, basketball and many more), competitive youth sports, and teen recreation centers. I suggest you contact your local YMCA to learn more about cost of enrollment, the times it will be open, and whether or not their programs require parents to attend along with their children.

Summer Church Programs
The church your family attends might offer a summer program for children. It might be called “Vacation Bible School”, or “Summer Sessions”, or another name. Typically, these programs offer kids a safe place to be while their parents are at work and fun activities to participate in. The advantage to these programs is that they are often inexpensive, and they will match your family’s religious beliefs. The disadvantage, in some cases, could be that they are not open for as many hours of the day as you need them to be. Call ahead to find out more details.

Day Care
Did you know that many day care centers offer a special summer program for kids who are in kindergarten through 5th grade? Often, these programs include field trips to local pools, parks, and other points of interest. Some will bring kids to museums and zoos (located in the nearest city). The advantage to these programs is that they tend to open early in the morning and close around dinner time. The disadvantage is that some of them can be expensive.

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