Frugal Recipes With Turnips
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Frugal Recipes With Turnips

Posted on Monday, January 7th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Turnips are in season, which means you can get them for a low price. Try some of these tasty, and frugal, recipes with turnip!Turnips are good for you! According to LiveStrong, one cup of mashed turnips has 27 mg of vitamin C and 76 mg of calcium. Turnips also contain many B vitamins and lots of fiber. Best of all, turnips are in season right now, which means you can buy them for a very frugal price! Try some of these inexpensive recipes with turnips.

Turnip Recipes

Turnip and Potato Patties
This one is especially frugal because it includes turnips and potatoes, both of which are in season in January. You will also need some scallion greens, an egg, all purpose flour, some cooking oil and some salt and pepper. You probably have most of that in your kitchen already! This quick to make recipe involves making patties out of the ingredients and frying them. It came from Simply Recipes.

Bacon Turnip Mash
This is a side dish that comes from You will need turnips and carrots (both of which are in season). You will also need bacon, salt, ground black powder, butter, and garlic powder. This is a tasty alternative to the mashed potatoes that you would usually be serving your family for dinner.

Spring Turnip Frittata
Yes, I know that Spring is still very far away. By then, the turnips won’t be in season anymore! I found this recipe over at Eating Well. It can easily be a main course! The main ingredients are turnips, broccolini, eggs, and cheddar cheese. Think of it as a fancier form of omelette.

Turnip Gratin
This amazing recipe comes from The Pioneer Woman. You will need turnips, butter, garlic, Gruyere cheese, chicken broth, salt and pepper. Basically, what you do slice a turnip into nice, thin, slices, (after peeling it, of course). You will also need a skillet.

What you do is build up layers of butter, turnip, cheese, and everything else, over a medium-low heat. The next step involves putting the whole thing into the oven. This could be a really tasty (and inexpensive) main course for dinner! I highly recommend you check out her blog for a step-by-step walkthrough, (complete with photos, and a nice dash of humor to go along with it).

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