Frugal Mother's Day Gifts
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Frugal Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas

Posted on Monday, May 6th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Frugal Mother's Day Gifts Ideas | FreeCoupons.comWhen it comes to gift giving, your mother probably shared a popular piece of wisdom with you. “It’s the thought that counts”. In less eloquent words, this means a gift shows that someone loves you (and the cost of the gift itself is not important). This Mother’s Day, show mom that you took this lesson to heart. Give her a thoughtful (and frugal) gift that will shows that she is loved.

A Gift of Relaxation
Moms that have busy lives, whether due to work or to taking care of many children, don’t get much time off to relax. Give mom the chance for some “me time”. Buy her a gift of her favorite bath salts. Take the kids to the park of the library for a few hours. Plan it for a day that she is not scheduled to work. It is amazing how rejuvenating an uninterrupted soak can be!

A Gift of Growth
The Daily Green has an idea for moms that enjoy gardening. Buy some seeds for her favorite flowers or vegetables (without letting her know). Part of her gift will be the seeds. The rest of the gift will be the shared experience of the whole family working on the garden together. Gardens need periodic tending, so this is a gift that can keep on giving (until winter).

A Gift of Memories
Scan some old family photos into your computer. Pick the ones from when you and your siblings were babies or small children. Add some pictures from birthday parties. Find a few from when mom was pregnant and wearing maternity clothes. If you have a Mac, you can use iMovie to turn those photos into a slide show of happy memories (complete with legal to use music).

A Gift of Nourishment
One very popular thing to do on Mother’s Day is to serve mom breakfast in bed. Start making some of her favorite breakfast foods before she wakes up. Serve it to her while she is still in bed. Include some coffee or orange juice (whichever she prefers). This is a gift that will be appreciated by moms who are usually the ones who get up early to make breakfast for the rest of the family.

A Gift of Creativity
Those of you who have good internet skills can make your mother her very own blog. Some, like WordPress. LiveJournal and Blogger, can be used for free. Suddenly, your mom has her very own space online where she can write, add photos, and express herself.

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