Frugal Ideas for Rainy Day Fun
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Frugal Ideas for Rainy Day Fun

Posted on Friday, April 5th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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April typically includes many rainy days. Of course, there will also be rainy days during other months. Parents will face days when it is raining outside and their children do not have to be at school. What are you going to do to entertain them? Try some of these frugal ideas for rainy day fun.

Read a Book
Do your kids enjoy going to story time at the library or the book store? Rainy days are a good time to hold a story time at home. Gather up some of your children’s favorite books, and spend some time reading to them. If they are big enough, they can take turns reading parts of the book to you.

Bigger kids might enjoy listening to a parent read a chapter book to them instead of a picture book. Another alternative is to have the whole family grab a book and sit in the same room, reading together, from separate books.

Play a Board Game
When it is raining hard, your kids cannot play outside. Play inside, instead! Many families have several board games in closets or on shelves. Pick one and start playing it together. Or, you can get out a card game or put together a huge puzzle. This can easily fill a few hours of time with fun.

Get Out the Play-Dough
Play-Dough (or similar forms of home made clay) might be the perfect toy for a rainy day. It requires your children to sit down and to focus on what they are doing with the clay. It is tactile, has a scent, and comes in bright colors. Using clay requires children to use their imagination and to do some problem solving in order to create what they are thinking about making. It also is a calming activity.

Play in the Puddles
Are your kids getting antsy from being inside for days in a row due to rain? It might be time to let them out for a little while. Wait until the hard rain slows to a drizzle. Get out the umbrellas and the rain boots, and let your kids find the puddles of rain that have collected in your driveway or backyard. They can run, jump, splash the water, get wet, and burn some energy. Encourage them back inside by offering hot cocoa, a dry towel, and a warm home.

Look at Photo Albums
Small children love to look at photos of themselves when they were babies. Many also find it fun to identify the people in the photos they are looking at. Sit down with your children and flip through the photo albums from when they were babies. If you have them, share the photos from when you were a child or teenager. This should lead to some very interesting discussions!

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