Frugal Ideas for Graduation Parties
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Frugal Ideas for Graduation Parties

Posted on Wednesday, May 29th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Graduation CongratulationsHave the Party at Home
Many graduation parties are held right in the backyard of the home of the graduate (or the home of his or her parents). Take the time to consider if the backyard is big enough to accommodate the number of guests that are expected to arrive. If so, then you can save yourself the cost of renting out a hall or reception room for the graduation party.

Get Out the Grill
Catering can make a party easier on the hosts, because it will not require them to store, prepare, and cook any food. The downside is that catering can cost a lot of money. One way to make a graduation party more frugal is to get out the grill. Simple foods like hamburgers, hot dogs, and kebobs can be made from inexpensive ingredients (and will please just about everyone). They also don’t require a lot of prep time!

Make the Cake Yourself
A lot of parents have baked cakes for their child’s birthday parties. Those same skills can come in handy for the graduation party! Most of the guests are not going to care if the cake came from an expensive bakery or if you made it from a mix. As long as it tastes good, that will be just fine! Another alternative is to bake up some batches of cupcakes. Decorate them so they look cute, and your guests will enjoy them.

Visit the Dollar Store
Dollar Stores are excellent places to visit when you need to stock up on things for a party. You absolutely will be able to find paper plates, napkins, and plastic silverware. Sometimes, there will be graduation themed plates. If not, the plain ones will work just as well! While you are there, pick up a few plastic tablecloths. Look for the colors of the school your son or daughter just graduated from.

Skip the Alcohol
If your son or daughter is going to be graduating from high school, you can expect that the majority of the guests will be under the age of 21. (There is potential that some parents or older relatives will attend the party, too). College graduations have a higher chance of having guests who are over the age of 21 (but you cannot assume that everyone will be of age). To be safe, skip the alcohol. You can save money by offering soda, or by making a non-alcoholic punch, instead.

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