Frugal Gifts for Valentine's Day
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Frugal Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Posted on Wednesday, January 29th, 2014 at 8:00 am
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smiley couple sitting on the floorInstead of investing in overpriced candy, chocolates, flowers, jewelry, etc. for the typical Valentine’s Day celebration why not be smart with your money and thoughtful with your gifts?  Frugal and homemade gifts not only say to your loved ones that you put in effort, but it also adds a personal touch too!

1. Coupon Book of Activities

The coupon book of activities is the ultimate frugal gift that keeps on giving! Filling a booklet with homemade coupons for activities like “a night on the town”, “a massage”, or other activities,  allows you to customize your gifts and get creative. Realistically all you need is paper, a pen, and creativity, or a computer, a printer, and paper. If you’d  like to create your booklet on the computer check out these free printables from blog Life as a Mom.

2. Mix Tape or CD

Yep, we’re doing a high school throwback. A good ol’ fashioned mix tape or cd is not only a classic, but it’s affordable too! Since you know your loved ones best it should be no problem choosing some of their favorite tunes. However, if you don’t feel comfortable choosing songs yourself, try checking out their Spotify or iTunes accounts to see what they’re listening to! Don’t be afraid to make multiple cds or tapes either; try making one for each day of the week or one for each genre of music they enjoy.

3. Baking and Cooking Favorites

Nothing says love like food! Create a meal full of your loved ones favorite foods and desserts to show how much they mean to you and to demonstrate how well you know them! Try classing up a dinner at home with a  menu and candles!

4. Make a Date Jar

Just like the coupon booklet the date jar is a gift that keeps on giving all year! Buy a package of popsicle sticks or tongue compressors and write fun activities or date ideas on each popsicle stick or tongue compressor. Put these ideas in a mason jar, any jar would work, and pick an activity every weekend!


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