3 Frugal Ways to Have Family Fun in the Snow
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3 Frugal Ways to Have Family Fun in the Snow

Posted on Monday, January 21st, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Are your kids getting antsy about being cooped up all Winter long? Time to play in the snow! These activities are fun and won't cost you any money at all.Is your yard and driveway covered with snow? Adults tend to look at snow and think about all the work they will have to do in order to clear it. Kids just see a winter wonderland of fun! If you make sure everyone dresses warmly your whole family can get out of the house for a little while and go play in the snow. It won’t cost you a cent!

Ways to Have Fun in the Snow

When your kids start to get “cabin fever” from being stuck inside the house for too long, try some of these fun ideas! Each of them will get everyone outside and active. Play hard, have fun, and burn some energy!

Make a Snow Angel
This is a simple activity that can be done by little kids, big kids, and the grown ups. Lie down on your back in the snow. Slide your arms over the snow starting from at your sides to above your head. Open and close your legs, too. When you get up, the impression you made in the snow will look like an angel, complete with wings and a gown. (Halo not included).

Catch Some Snow Flakes
Did it start snowing while your family was playing outside? Take the opportunity to catch some snowflakes! There are two great ways to do this activity. Kids can try and catch the snowflakes on their tongues. This doesn’t always result in success, but it does look funny, and is good for some laughs.

The other way requires a black sheet of construction paper. Hold it flat and let the snowflakes fall onto it. The sharp contrast makes it really easy to take a good, close, look at the snowflakes before they melt.

Build a Snow Family
This is a great activity to try the day after a blizzard. It requires a lot of snow! I know of two good ways to make a snowman. You can start with a good size snow ball and roll it over the snow so that it picks up more snow and grows. Make two or three, and stack them.

Or, you can get a snow shovel, and make a pile of snow, and then “sculpt” it with your hands or smaller shovels. Add something for eyes, and an extra winter scarf, and your snowman is done! Repeat the process to create an entire snow family. This activity can fill an afternoon and it won’t cost any money at all!

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