Frugal Easter Crafts for Kids
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Frugal Easter Crafts for Kids

Posted on Friday, March 8th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Need something to entertain your kids with on Easter?  Here are a bunch of inexpensive and simple Easter crafts that they can do.  Easter is a just a few weeks away. Parents of small children might need some easy and inexpensive holiday themed crafts to keep the kids entertained with. Give them something fun to do after they found what the Easter Bunny brought them, or while they are waiting for Easter dinner to be ready. Plan ahead, and you won’t be left searching for ideas the night before.

Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter Coloring Pages
You can’t go wrong with coloring pages! Kids of all ages can find it fun to sit down and work on a coloring page for a while. Attention spans will vary, so you may want to go ahead and print out a bunch of these!

Oriental Trading has 18 Easter coloring pages to choose from. Some of the images are secular (eggs, chickens, bunnies). Others have religious imagery for your children to color. has 16 Easter coloring pages. Some are just to color and others are intended to be colored and then turned into a craft. One or two are puzzles. There is a Palm Sunday coloring page. I’ve never seen that before!

Educational Coloring Pages has 8 Easter themed coloring pages that include characters from Disney’s Winnie the Pooh. It also has 2 coloring pages of great big eggs with detailed designs that bigger kids might enjoy.

Cotton Ball Lamb
You can’t let Easter go by without having your kids make a cotton ball lamb! This concept has become an Easter tradition. There are several different ways to make one so feel free to experiment. Kaboose has a super simple one that requires a paper plate, lots of cotton balls, some glue, and some black construction paper (for the lamb’s head and feet). You probably have most of that stuff at home right now!

Bunny Tangrams
Spoonful has printable bunny tangrams for older kids to play with! They can cut out the tangram shapes themselves, and spend time trying to fit the shapes into the bunny shaped patterns. It is also possible to “think outside the box” and use the tangram shapes to create other types of Easter related designs. This one is a craft that turns into a series of puzzles.

Tissue Paper Egg
The best part about this craft is that it takes a really long time to complete! It is perfect for bored elementary school kids who are on Spring Break and complaining that there is nothing to do. The Apples for the Teacher website has directions.

Instead of buying thick art paper, I would suggest using the inside of an empty cereal box. Trace a big egg shape onto it. Buy some packages of tissue paper from a Dollar Store. Kids can rip the tissue into small pieces, and bunch it up before gluing it onto their egg. Hours of fun!

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