Frugal Date Ideas for Valentine's Day
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Frugal Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Posted on Friday, February 7th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Here are some Valentine's Day date ideas that are fun, meaningful, and frugal. Spend time with your significant other without running up debt.

Valentine’s Day is a great time to show affection for the special person in your life. Doing so doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here are some frugal date ideas for Valentine’s Day. The cost of the date night is not as important as the quality time you spend together.

Frugal Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day

Movie Night at Home
Netflix has a bunch of movies that you can watch from the comfort of your own home. Another option is to borrow some movies from the library. Pick out some romantic movies to watch together. Make some popcorn to share and open a 2-liter of soda. Dim the lights and sit on the couch together.

One obvious advantage of having a movie night at home instead of going to the theater is that it will cost a lot less. You also get to watch a movie without having to deal with obnoxious interruptions from rude theater goers. Movie nights at home allow you to choose an alcoholic beverage to drink while watching the movie.

Celebrate Late
You don’t actually have to restrict your Valentine’s Day celebrations to February fourteenth. Wait until the day after, or the next weekend, instead. It will be a whole lot easier to get a reservation at the restaurant of your choice. There is a chance that the restaurant will still be offering their special Valentine’s Day discount. You won’t have to wait as long to be seated now that the Valentine’s Day crowds are gone.

A Trip Down Memory Lane
One very meaningful way for married couples to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to watch the video of their wedding. Open up the album that has photos from the wedding (and the reception) and look at it together. Doing so will rekindle the feelings of excitement, love, and optimism that you both were feeling on your wedding day. Play the song that you selected for your dance at the reception, and dance to it again.

Build a Snowman
It doesn’t have to be a snowman. Those of you who live in places that are currently covered in snow could take advantage of it. Bundle up and go out and play together like children who are having a “snow day”. Build a snowman, or a snow fort, or get creative and build something entirely unexpected out of snow. Many adults forget that play encourages bonding. It’s also fun! This is a good way to build the friendship part of your romantic relationship.

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