Frugal and Fun Family Holiday Activities
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Frugal and Fun Family Holiday Activities

Posted on Monday, November 21st, 2011 at 8:12 am
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There’s a plethora of fun activities families can do on a budget or for free. Check out our list of fun, holiday activities that the whole family can enjoy.Frugal and fun are two words that are not usually associated with each other, however there’s a plethora of fun activities families can do on a budget or for free!  Below are a couple ideas the whole family can participate and have fun doing this holiday season.

Fun Holiday Family Activities

1.  The Mayflower: Relive the Mayflower journey in your own living room.  One person
represents the New World and stands on a chair at one end of the room.  Next, choose
someone to be the Mayflower and have them stand blindfolded at another end of the room(no
talking or peeking).  Other members act as “rocks” and sit, stand, or lie on the floor between
the Mayflower and the New World.  The New World guides the ship by shouting out
directions, leading the Mayflower through a treacherous and rocky sea.
2.  Thanksgiving TV Bingo: Create Thanksgiving Day Parade Bingo sheets that include items
viewers have to spot while watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade.  For example, include
baton twirlers and a “giant turkey” as two spaces on your bingo boards.  While watching,
players shout out  what they see and place pennies on corresponding Bingo spaces.  The
first player to fill their board wins.  A few printable bingo boards can be printed from Disney
3.  Blackout: Turn out all the lights and pretend there’s a blackout.  Sit around candle light and
tell ghost stories, and get the flashlights out to play flashlight tag!
4.  Ginger Bread Houses: Instead of buying kits for your houses at the store this year, scour the
pantry and refrigerator for a few food items you haven’t got around to using. Encourage the
kids to get creative and have a gingerbread dream-house competition.  You’ll need some
gingerbread basics like graham crackers, candy, and icing.  However, the more creative and
resourceful you are the more fun it will be.  One year we ran out of graham crackers and
made a roof out of salami instead!
5. Culture Night: Focus dinner around a specific culture and/or region and have the kids
participate in picking out recipes, dressing in culture-specific attire, and playing a game of   
after dinner bingo tailored to things you’d find in that culture. If you’re kids are too old for
bingo, find a film that represents that region.  Not only fun but educational!Some other fun ideas include
-have a board game night
-start a giant family puzzle
-have a family picnic at a local park
-build a fort with pillows and blankets in the living room, or get giant appliance
boxes from your local appliance store, and build a fort outside.
-make and fly kites

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