Frugal Alternatives to Mother's Day Dinner
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Frugal Alternatives to Mother’s Day Dinner

Posted on Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Frugal Alternatives to Mother's Day Dinner | FreeCoupons.comMany families celebrate Mother’s Day by taking mom out to dinner. This means that the restaurants will be packed during the weekend that Mother’s Day is in. Want a less stressful, more frugal, alternative to Mother’s Day dinner? Try some of these lovely and non-traditional ideas. You may find one that your mother will just love!

Backyard Barbecue
You won’t have to worry about getting a reservation for dinner if you celebrate Mother’s Day in your own backyard! The entire family can come over and celebrate with mom at the same time. Split the cost of food and drink by having everyone bring a dish to pass.

One of the best things about this alternative to a traditional Mother’s Day dinner is that you won’t have to spend it in a crowded, loud, restaurant that is filled with strangers. Another good thing is that it enables family members to fit the event into their own Mother’s Day schedule. Young children that are unable to sit through a dinner at a restaurant can easily run around the yard after they get done eating.

Visit a Botanical Garden
Instead of bringing some flowers to your mom, take your mom to where all the flowers are at! Botanical gardens are great places to visit with mothers who love flowers (and do not suffer from allergies to pollen). Relax by taking a leisurely stroll through the nearest botanical garden together. Best of all, most botanical gardens are free!

Spend Time in a Bookstore
Is your mother an avid reader? Spend a few hours with her at her favorite book store. The two of you can suggest books to each other, share opinions about new books, and have a relaxing time together.

Pick a book store that has a coffee shop, and you and your mother can sit down, have some coffee (and maybe a pastry) and people watch for a while. If you want to give your mom a tangible gift, have her pick out a few books for herself and buy them for her.

Enjoy the Aquarium
Is there a large aquarium in the town or city you live in? Bring your mother there and enjoy it together. Aquariums are indoors, air conditioned, and generally have some places where you can sit and watch the fish. It can be very calming. The aquarium is also a great place to bring children (or grandchildren). Some aquariums will have a day where people can visit it for free. That would make this Mother’s Day celebration very frugal!

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