Fresh & Easy Stores are Closing
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Fresh & Easy Stores are Closing

Posted on Monday, November 2nd, 2015 at 7:00 am
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man shopping produceThe Fresh & Easy grocery stores are in the process of closing down – forever. If it happens to be your favorite grocery store, then you are probably going to miss it. In the meantime, the closing of a grocery store brings shoppers the opportunity to buy a lot of food for a lower than usual price. You could end up saving money on your grocery bill this week.

Fresh & Easy operates 97 stores in California, Nevada, and Arizona. The Southland is home to 54 locations. All of them are being liquidated and closed over the next few weeks.

Fresh & Easy first opened in the United States in 2007. It was owned by a British supermarket chain called Tesco. The stores in the United States had several problems that have led to the current closings.

According to the LA Times, one problem was that the stores did not merchandise the selection of products based on location. Another problem was that stores often ran out of popular products.

The store also was charging as much as 20% more for its private-label products (as compared to the price of the name-brand counterparts). Some shoppers didn’t like that produce was wrapped in cellophane, which required the purchase of two or more bell peppers. That could have been frustrating to consumers who came to the store intending to buy just one.

While some may feel sad about the closing of the Fresh & Easy stores, others will be happy about the potential to save money on groceries as the stores close. Look for the signs outside the stores that show the percentage discount that is being offered on the products that are still in the store.

It is important that you avoid overspending while shopping at the closing Fresh & Easy stores. Don’t purchase more product than your family can consume before it goes bad. If you had to throw out the food, it was a waste of money.

Look for gluten-free products. Those brands are typically more expensive than the “regular” versions of the same type of food. Buy the gluten-free stuff while it is 40% off (or at an even bigger discount) and you will save money on groceries.

Don’t forget to bring your own bags. Many of the Fresh & Easy stores charge shoppers if they require paper bags. You can avoid that small charge simply by bringing in your own reusable shopping bags. Every little bit of savings helps!

Consider picking up some items to donate to your local food bank. We are in the holiday season, and there are people who are struggling to feed their families. The store closing sale at the Fresh & Easy stores gives you the opportunity to help those in need without going over your budget.

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