Freebies from Your Local Library
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Freebies from Your Local Library

Posted on Monday, January 6th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Is your budget extra tight this month?  Check out the freebies that your local library offers.  Save money on books, movies, and more.Many of us find that our budgets are a little bit tighter than usual in January. It will take a while to pay down some of the debt we created during the holidays. Now is a good time to take advantage of your local library. You might be surprised by all the “freebies” that it offers!

Local Library Freebies

Get a Library Card
You can sign up for a library card for free. Don’t lose it! Your library card is what allows you to access everything that the library has to offer. Children can get their own library cards (once they reach a certain age). Some libraries might ask to see proof that you live in the area before they will let you sign up for a library card.

Free Access to Genealogy Websites
Genealogists who can’t afford to pay for their subscription to this month should visit their local library. Many libraries have the Ancestry Library Edition available on their computers. You can continue your genealogy research for free (as long as you do it at the library). You might also be able to use the library’s computers to access the FamilySearch website (which can always be used, by anyone, free of charge).

Free Books
Your library card gives you access to free books. Its nice to be able to read for free instead of having to spend money on a brand new book. Many libraries will have at least a few copies of the latest, hottest, titles on hand. Pick out some interesting books, bring them to the front desk, and check them out. Pay attention to the date that you must return the books by. Bring back the books on time, and you can avoid having to pay a library fee for late books.

Free Magazines and Newspapers
You had to let the subscription to your favorite magazine lapse, due to lack of funds. It may be possible to read copies of it at your local library. Some libraries will let you check out periodicals, while others will only allow you to read them while you are at the library. Your local library probably has copies of the daily newspapers from your area, and may even have some of the “big ones” from across the country.

Free Movies
Can’t afford Netflix this month? Go see what movies are available at your local library. Many have a DVD or VHS section. Borrowing movies works the same way that borrowing books does. Be sure to return everything to the library on time and you can avoid having to spend money on a late fee.

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