Free Summer Fun for Families
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Free Summer Fun for Families

Posted on Friday, July 12th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Save on books with coupon codesAre your kids complaining about being bored? There are still several weeks of summer vacation to get through. What will you do to keep your kids entertained during that time? Try some of these ideas. None of them charge an admission fee.

When was the last time you took your kids to play at the park? If it has been a while, now is a good time to make the trip. Parks are free to use. Your kids can run around, slide, swing, climb, and have fun. Make things a bit more exciting by visiting a park that your family has never been to before. Choose a day when the weather is nice (and not overly hot) for best results.

Many museums have a “free day”. I think the purpose is to encourage families who are on a budget to come visit. One way to discover which day of the week is the “free day” is to check out the website of the museum. If you live somewhat close to the museum, you might save some money if you take public transportation instead of driving there. Pack a lunch, or bring some snacks, and you can cut down on the cost of food while you visit the museum.

Too hot to safely play outdoors? Bring your kids to the library! Everyone can enter the library, and read some books, for free. Another advantage to visiting the library is that many of them have air conditioning. Cool off with a good book (or several). Kids can select a few books to check out and read at home. This, naturally, will set you up for a good excuse to visit the library once again (to return the books). Bring a book to the park and read in the shade.

Farmers’ Markets
Your family can visit a local Farmers’ Market for free. I have never heard of one that charges an admission fee. Parking isn’t always free, so you might want to consider using public transportation. Bring a large bag with you (like the kind you take to the grocery store). Spend time walking around the Farmers’ Market and seeing whatever there is to see. Pick up a few fresh fruits and veggies while you are there.

Bike Path
Do your kids love to ride their bikes? Spend a few hours taking a family trip down the nearest bike path. They are free to use, no matter how long or how often you choose to use them. Many bike paths are located away from streets and vehicle traffic, making them a much safer choice than biking down the street.

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