Free Fun in Summer of 2021
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Free Fun in Summer of 2021

Posted on Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021 at 7:00 am
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Summer fun doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of things that families, couples, or individuals can do for free. Many of them can be done at home, while other activities can take place outside (assuming where you live is able to lessen COVID-19 restrictions).

Read a Book

Summer is a good time to relax with a good book. Choose an old favorite that you haven’t read in a while. Start working on your “to-read” list. Visit your local library and browse the shelves for something unexpected – yet interesting.

Families with children can start reading books out loud to each other. Parents can pick a childhood favorite, or read a book that was selected by their kids. Another option is to sign your children up for a free Summer Reading program.

Visit a Park

When is the last time you took your kids to a local park to play? It may have been sometime before the COVID-19 restrictions were put in place. Playgrounds are a good place for children to get some exercise while having fun,

Families, couples, or individuals can visit a park that is filled with plants and trees. It can be nice to be out in nature again after having to stay at home for so long. Some state or national parks offer trails where people can take a walk or a hike.

Positive Chalk Messages
Use up some sidewalk chalk that you have at home. Parents can encourage their kids to write or draw happy messages on your driveway. People passing by can enjoy the positive, colorful, art. Simple things like this can lift people’s moods – especially those who are struggling with the return to “normal”.


Things are starting to open up again, and that means now is a great time to do some de-cluttering. Keep the stuff that you frequently use. Donate things that you haven’t found a use for or lost interest in. Throw the junk away. There is something about de-cluttering that can make people feel really good when they are done.

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