Five Tips for Buying Groceries Online
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Five Tips for Buying Groceries Online

Posted on Thursday, August 13th, 2009 at 3:38 pm
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shopping keyThere are many good reasons to buy your groceries online. Saving time and money are two of the biggest reasons. And did you know that many online grocery stores actually wave the delivery fee and tips? This can reduce the cost of your groceries even more than you might expect!

The convenience of shopping online for your groceries is often worth it. Think about this. It is late at night you are at home with the flu. You are out of milk, need some cough medicine, and have nothing in the house for dinner the next night. Do you drag yourself out to the store or do without? Of course the third option is to order your groceries online. Likewise when you are stuck in meetings at work or shuttling the kids around all week and don’t have time to grocery shop. We’ve all been there, right?

Buying groceries online needs a different set of strategies than buying groceries in an actual, physical supermarket. Follow these tips to make sure that you save money and get exactly what you need.

1. Take advantage of new customer deals and coupons. Acme offers free delivery on your first order, PeaPod offers $10 off your order with coupon code CJN10, Safeway offers free delivery with this link, and Genuardis also offers free delivery when you spend $50 and use this link. You can “store hop” to get all of the first time shopper discounts.

2. Save on delivery charges by picking up your order. Many stores will assemble your order for you and even bring it out to the car.

3. Make sure that you understand the rules about substituting products. Most of the time the store will substitute a comparable product in your order if the one you want is out of stock. You can choose to allow a full substitution (turkey bacon instead of pork bacon), allow a brand substitution, or allow no substitution of the product.

4. By the non-perishable items in bulk. You will often get a much better deal online with products such as bulk diapers and health and beauty products. and are two great places to save on bulk for all sorts of items. Right now, has a $10 off code AFF10. is offering freebies with a purchase.

5. Check the store special and non-clipped coupons. Often, stores will offer the same coupon discounts off of products, especially store brand products, that you might have gotten with traditional paper coupons.

Happy shopping!

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