Don’t Be Fooled by Fake Coupons!
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Don’t Be Fooled by Fake Coupons!

Posted on Thursday, October 18th, 2018 at 7:00 am
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Everyone likes to save money, and that is why so many people use coupons. Unfortunately, there are coupon scammers out there that create fraudulent coupons. Don’t be fooled by fake coupons!

The Coupon Information Corporation has some good advice about how you can avoid getting counterfeit coupons.

* Never pay money for a coupon.
* Do not download coupons from internet forums
* If a friend e-mails you coupons, especially high value or free product coupons, the coupons are most likely counterfeit.
* Always get your coupons from your newspaper, from the manufacturer’s website, or from an authorized coupon distributor (such as
* Not sure if a coupon is legitimate? Check the Coupon Information Corporation list of counterfeit coupons.

Here are some examples of fake coupons:

There was a fake Publix coupon on Facebook that was being shared around. The coupon said: “Publix is giving everyone FREE $75 OFF Gift Coupon to celebrate 100 years of success!” The link led to a website that was not Publix. Publix has clearly stated that this Facebook coupon is fake.

A fake Nike coupon was circulated online. The coupon had a photo of Colin Kaepernick (who Nike recently featured in their new ad campaign.)

The wording in the fake coupon said: “Nike Offers 75% Off All Shoes For People of Color Until 2019”. The coupon did not come from Nike. It came from 4Chan, a website known for creating and spreading misinformation.

What to do if you find a fake coupon:

Call the store or contact the company. Tell them about the coupon you found and ask if it is a real coupon. They may not be aware that a fake coupon, that looks like it is for their store, is circulating.

Use critical thinking. Stores and product manufacturers don’t offer coupons for 75% off. They don’t create coupons that will give a consumer $75 or $100 off their purchase. If it looks too good to be true – that means it is a fake coupon.

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