Dollar Store Deals for Wedding Planning - Part 2
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Dollar Store Deals for Wedding Planning – Part 2

Posted on Thursday, February 28th, 2013 at 3:29 pm
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Discover more dollar store items and DIY projects for your wedding!

Dollar Store Deals for Wedding Planning – Part 1

Buying all of the goods for your upcoming wedding can be a drag – especially if your budget is tight. Luckily, dollar stores are packed with tons of materials you can transform into beautiful centerpieces, favors, decorations and more! In Dollar Store Deals for Wedding Planning – Part 1, we explained how you can find beautiful candles, vases, ribbons, and favor boxes at most dollar stores. We’ve found so many great ideas and suggestions on the internet, we just had to write a second part to this blog! Here are a few more ideas for all of you DIY-willing brides and grooms:

DIY Wedding Decorations

Tiered Display Stands

One popular wedding trend is the dessert bar. Of course, how you display your delicious treats is just as important as what’s being offered. We found a great tutorial on creating colorful, tiered trays for displaying desserts or even favors. All you need are a few silver trays, some candlesticks, superglue and spray paint. You can buy most of the materials at the dollar store, but you’ll probably need to head to a hardware or craft store to buy the spray paint. Simply paint the trays and candlesticks any color, superglue the trays to the candlesticks, and voila!

Keep in mind that you can transform just about anything you find at the dollar store with spray paint. Jars, apothecary bottles, old perfume bottles and more are inexpensive ways to add a gorgeous touch!

Beaded Chandelier

The Dollar Store Craft blog features an awesome beaded chandelier made completely with dollar store finds. It’s made with a hanging wire basket, Mardi-Gras style beads, floral wire, spray paint, wire cutters, and a hot glue gun. This fantastic blog outlines what you need to do to create your very own chandelier. It costs as little as $9 to create and can be finished in an afternoon.


There isn’t much that signifies party time quite like some balloons! You can find a lot of balloons at dollar stores in several colors. You can always buy an inexpensive small helium tank from your party supply store or ask them to fill the balloons for you. The venue you’re working with might even have a helium tank you could borrow.

What else can I find?

The truth is all dollar stores are different. Every now and then, just walk around the store and see what you find. They will have certain items seasonally just like every other store, so keep in mind their inventory changes. Aside from the things mentioned in our two-part blog, you can also find paper goods, napkins, dishes, picture frames, craft supplies, candies and maybe even some artificial flowers. Your guests will love the gorgeous decorations and favors, and you’ll be pleased to know you didn’t spend a fortune in the process!

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