Do BOGO Sales Confuse You?
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Do BOGO Sales Confuse You?

Posted on Monday, August 26th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Many people are confused when the cannot find the free item from a BOGO sale on the receipt. Where did it go? This blog will clear things up for you.It sounds so simple! BOGO stands for “Buy 1, Get 1”. Typically, it means you buy one item and get a second item for free. Have you ever been confused about the way a BOGO sale appeared on your receipt? You aren’t the only one! Here are some key pieces of information that will make the next BOGO sale you shop less confusing.

Where’s the free item?
Have you ever had this happen? You found a BOGO sale. Buy one package of notebook paper and you get a second package of notebook paper for free. To keep things simple, let’s say that this BOGO sale is not restricted to those who have the store’s loyalty card.

Let’s say this BOGO sale is part of a back-to-school sale. Right now, one package of notebook paper (without the BOGO sale) costs $1.00. You pick up two packages and head to the register. Normally, you would pay $2.00 for 2 packages of notebook paper. This BOGO sale means you will pay just $1.00 and get 2 items.

You hand $1.00 (plus tax) to the cashier. When you look at your receipt, you cannot find the free item. Where did the free item go?

Here’s where the free item went.
The free item is still there. It just isn’t easy to see. Many grocery stores will not allow cashiers to ring up an item for free. This type of policy is put in place to prevent employee theft.

In order to make the BOGO sale work for the customer, the receipt will show each of the 2 items you got from the BOGO sale as half price. You still only pay for one, though.

In the example above, the original “back-to-school” price for 1 package of notebook paper was $1.00. The BOGO sale gives you 2 packages of notebook paper for $1.00. Your receipt might say that one package was $0.50, and that the other package was also $0.50. You paid $1.00 for 2 packages of notebook paper – not $2.00. You got one of them for free.

Tips to save more on a BOGO sale.
Some stores will let you buy just 1 item in a BOGO sale (instead of 2) and will still give you the lower, BOGO, price. Check the store’s coupon policy to see if they will allow you to use coupons on the items that are part of a BOGO sale.

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