Daily Table is More Frugal Than Trader Joe's
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Daily Table is More Frugal Than Trader Joe’s

Posted on Monday, July 6th, 2015 at 7:00 am
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Fruit & Vegetable PlatterTrader Joe’s is a grocery store that offers fresh foods. Unfortunately, the store can be too expensive for some families to shop there. A former president of Trader Joe’s has opened up something new called Daily Table. If it becomes popular, he might try expanding Daily Table all across the country.

Daily Table was started by Doug Rauch who was a former president of Trader Joe’s. The goal of Daily Table is to repurpose perfectly edible produce that is slightly past its sell-by-date.

The food is still good, and people can safely eat it. He wanted to prevent good food from getting thrown in the trash. This concept is one that food banks have been doing for years. In short, what happens is that people who are very low-income are able to access healthy food for a frugal price.

Right now, the only Daily Table that exists is located in Dorchester, which is a low-to middle income neighborhood in Boston. Daily Table is a nonprofit grocery store, and it can accept food donations from food wholesalers and markets. Right now, Trader Joe’s and other grocery stores are not donating food to Daily Table, but that could happen in the future.

In addition to selling produce and other staples, Daily Table also cooks prepared meals. The menu for those meals is rotating. The reason is because the menu is dependent upon the kinds and amounts of foods that have been donated. Half of the store is devoted to produce and packaged goods, and the other half contains freshly prepared meals that are made by the store’s kitchen staff.

The “grab and go” meals are intended for people who say that they are too busy too cook. They can come to the Daily Table and pick up a freshly prepared meal for a frugal price.

The prepared meals are a means of solving two problems. One, they enable people who are busy, and low-income, to eat a quick meal without having to get it from a fast food place. Most fast food places offer foods that are unhealthy, or that are prepared in less than healthy ways.

The thing that attracts people who are low-income to the fast food places is that they can get a lot of food for a low price. Daily Table can offer a much healthier meal for a low price. The other problem Daily Table is trying to help solve is the obesity epidemic. Access to healthy food can improve a person’s overall health.

Membership at Daily Table is free. Business Insider reports that at Daily Table, one dozen eggs cost $0.99, a pound of bananas is $0.29, a meal of roasted chicken with rice and vegetables is $1.49. and a 22-ounce container of kale-and-sausage soup is $1.29.

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