Cyber Monday Shopping Tips
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Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

Posted on Sunday, November 28th, 2010 at 2:00 pm
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While Black Friday may get the bulk of the press with photos and videos of crazed shoppers camping out and rushing through the door, Cyber Monday is gaining ground for holiday shopping. In fact, this year promises to be one of the best ones for snagging online deals in the comfort of your own home.

Traditionally, the prices on Cyber Monday aren’t quite as good as those featured on Black Friday. While that still holds true, savvy retailers are offering better bargains that they ever have before, featuring sales on items that weren’t featured on Black Friday, offering bundles and accessories that will ship with products for free and in some cases restocking the Black Friday bargains that you might have missed.

There are also some great advantages to shopping on Cyber Monday instead of or in addition to Black Friday.  By shopping on Cyber Mondya, you are able to better plan out your spending, avoid the crows and save money on the cost getting gifts loved ones who are far away. Postage and airline baggage costs can add up, and these fees can be avoided when you have items shipped directly to the gift recipient.

I’m got some great Cyber Monday tips that you can put into place right now. This way, you’ll be able to get the bargains you need tomorrow while eliminating all of the hassle.

Make Your List Today

The first step is to make a list of the items you are after as well as the lowest regular price for each one. This will help avoid buying too many gifts, the wrong gifts or spending more than you should. Make sure to include model numbers and store information where needed. Do this today.

Dedicate Some Time

It pays to devote dedicated time to doing your shopping, and preferably early in the morning. If you decide to try and shop during your work break lunch hour tomorrow, you may find that many of the items you wanted are already gone, or you simply may not have enough time to complete all of your purchases.

Look for Free Shipping

With so many stores to choose from, there is no need to accept anything but free shipping for most items. Stores are in competition with each other and know that free shipping can make the sale.

Check the Check Out

Make sure that any extra handling fees or extra costs don’t add to the bottom line of your purchase. Many times these additional charges don’t appear until you are in the check out process. Make sure before you hit that final button that the price you are paying is the price that you expected to pay.

Be Aware of Doorbusters and Timed Sales

Hot items will have limited supplies so make sure you know when the sale starts. With Cyber Monday, new deals may be available at certain times of the day, and not necessarily at midnight or 3am.

Stack Those Coupon Codes

Many of the major stores will allow you to stack your coupons codes, so don’t be afraid to try. Even when the normal policy of the store is to not allow stacking (using more than one coupon code on a single order) many will allow you to do this on Cyber Monday.

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