Cut Down on Your Gas Cost
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Cut Down on Your Gas Cost

Posted on Monday, March 26th, 2012 at 10:48 am
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Sometimes, I think I can hear my wallet screaming when I have to fill up the gas tank on my car.  Gas prices are always higher than I would like them to be.  Typically, the gas prices get even higher during the Summer.  I decided it was time to think up some ways to cut down on how much I end up spending on gas.

Of course, the most obvious way to save on gas is to carpool.  This works best if you happen to live near some of the people that you work with.  Everyone in the carpool ends up splitting the cost of the gas that it takes to get to and from work every day.  The thing is, my husband and I work from home, so this solution is not going to help us to cut down on the cost of gas.

I have a relative that will go shopping at a mall, and will move her car whenever she switches from the store that she started at to one that is located clear across the parking lot.  Every time she moves her car, she has to burn a little bit of gas.  I’ll be honest, I have done this myself sometimes, when I am feeling lazy.  If the weather is nice, I think that leaving my car in one place, and taking a walk from store to store, could save me some money on gas.

There are many advantages to shopping locally.  One benefit is that it can help me to save on gas.  Driving downtown to shop is going to burn way less gas than if I was go shopping in the next town over, or at the nearest big city.  I can find the same stuff right here!  When I want to shop downtown, I can take the bus.  This, too, helps me to save money on gas.

Combine an exercise program with a chance to save on gas.  The town I live in has plenty of bike paths, and most roads include a bike lane.  I see people who just need to pick up a couple of things at the grocery store get on their bikes, and ride to the store.  This doesn’t require any gas at all!

Another great idea is to take a walk to the stores that are very nearby, instead of driving there.  If the weather is nice, there isn’t any reason why my husband and I can’t walk to the taco place down the street.

I also found this really cool website called Gas Buddy.  It gives you a list of what it costs to buy gas at all of the gas stations in your city.  This makes it easy to compare, and to pick the cheapest one.  This website has information from the bigger towns and cities, but not as much on the ga prices in the smaller towns.



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