Coupons Apps for Android
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Coupon Apps for Android

Posted on Friday, January 4th, 2013 at 7:00 am
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Ready to save some money! There are a bunch of coupon apps that are made for Android devices. I’ve found some that are specifically for coupons and others that are for a particular store. Most will give you access store specific coupons, and some connect with your customer loyalty card. Best of all, these money saving apps are free to download! is free to download. This app lets you connect to on your mobile device. You can select the coupons you want from the app, just like you would from the website. Email your coupons to yourself, and print them out when you get home. You can add the brands that you like the best, and add the coupons to your grocery store savings card.

Walgreens is another free app for Android. It connects to the Walgreens rewards program. You can check your Balance Rewards from it. You can also use the app to order a refill on your prescription medication, simply by scanning the barcode off the bottle. The app also lets you print photo cards using Facebook photos. The app will let you know about current Walgreens sales and savings.

Amazon Price Check is a very handy app for Android. It is also free to download. Use this app when you are shopping. Is that product cheaper on Amazon than what the store you are in is selling it for? Find out by scanning the barcode or taking a photo of the product.

Albertsons is another free app for Android. This one will show you the weekly ad from your local Albertsons store. You can view eCoupons and add them to your card (if you are in select market that will allow you to do it). You might want to read the Application Permissions before you download this one.

Jewel Osco is also a free app that is compatible with Android devices. It will show you the weekly ad for your local Jewel Osco store. You can create a shopping list with this app and check things off as you throw them into your cart. This is another app where you may want to read over the Application Permissions before you download it.

Target has its own free Android app. Use the app to access REDcard Account Management functionality. You can also use it to track and refill your prescriptions. Sign in, and you will get deals sent to you twice a month – including coupons with “no scissors required”.

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