Cooking in Bulk to Save
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Cooking in Bulk to Save

Posted on Tuesday, July 26th, 2011 at 6:12 pm
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On some Sunday mornings we make pancakes. We do things a little differently though, quadrupling the normal batch. This isn’t because my family has a hearty appetite, although they do, but more because we cook in bulk to save money.
Why Cook in Bulk?
When you combine your coupons and sales to get multiples of a good deal, what do you do with them. If you are using fresh ingredients that won’t normally go on a stockpile shelf, how do you use them before they go bad? One way, of course, is to freeze items straight in the package. I did this with hot dogs last week.
Sometimes, though, it gives you more bang for your buck if you first cook some of those items into quick meals. You can store the meals in the fridge for the week, or place them in the freezer for later.
Bulk cooking also allows you to “use” up sale items without having to eat the same thing all week or try to figure out how to make five different chicken dishes when chicken is on sale. Make one type of dish, divide it into containers and freeze. The next time something else goes on sale, do the same thing. Pretty soon, you’ll have a stockpile of a variety of meals.
In the case of the pancakes, for example, we can take a few out during the busy week and heat them up for breakfast, saving the cost of stopping somewhere to buy breakfast.
Another benefit of cooking in bulk is that it saves time, and it saves money in energy costs. Baking two casseroles instead of one, for example, using the same oven at the same time.
What Can You Cook in Bulk?
You can pretty much cook almost anything in bulk. Most dishes reheat well, and many freeze well, too. To some degree, there may be a little trial and error. Adjustments might have to be made when scaling up. I use less than four times the amount of baking powder in my pancakes, for example. Herbs and spices may have to be reduced as well.
Get a cookbook for larger families, or visit websites that offer recipes to feed a crowd. They should already have been tried and tested.
Have fun discovering new recipes to cook in bulk.

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