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Cheapo Air Coupons

Posted on Thursday, June 24th, 2010 at 12:02 am
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There’s a new set of discount travel sites on the web and they are CHEAPO!  Yes, really.  Cheapo Air, Cheapo Stay, and Cheapo Stay!  Heading for fun in the sun?  Try Cheapo Caribbean!  Let’s talk about Cheapo Air here, since finding the cheapest flight is often a huge challenge.

You’ll find plenty of Cheapo Air coupons on our site.  They really want your business.  From dollars off your ticket, to specials at a great destination to guaranteed lowest fares, you will find unbeatable bargains here.  The site is easily searchable, and easy to sort by fares and stops.  You’ll also enjoy the travel blog, which gives you really great commentary on destinations and trips.  Not only do they save you money, they tell you how to save more!

You’ll find plenty of Cheapo Air coupons for $10 off your trip.  You’ll also find great discounts on business travel, and special deals throughout the site.  You may also find coupons popping up as you navigate the site.

At Cheapo Air, you will find group discounts for groups of nine or more.  Most travel sites do not give you this option, but you can actually CALL them and speak to a group travel consultant.  They have relationships with the group desks at most major airlines.  Now how’s that for the next class trip, or away game, or church youth trip?  An online discount travel website that actually understands group travel and knows how to talk on the phone!

Check our Cheapo Air coupons for all your travel plans.  You will be pleasantly surprised by how much money you can save on air travel.  With all the costs of air travel going up, the sites that save you money like Cheapo Air will continue to be very valuable for you.  Why pay any more than you have to?

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