Buying DVDs to Save Money
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Buying DVDs to Save Money

Posted on Wednesday, December 31st, 2008 at 12:25 pm
Pin It is having a blow out sale on DVDs right now. This is great news, since going out for entertainment is getting to be a bit expensive these days. While there are almost 200 different movies on sale, my target is the movies that are only $5 each. There are plenty of movies that are only $6, too.

The cost to take my family of five to a movie without snacks or even just to a family restaurant is about $40. If we skipped the theater movie, we could purchase eight different movies on DVD during the DVD sale that we could watch over and over again.

If we opted to skip the theater movie and just add HBO to our cable television, it would cost us only $20, but that is still four DVDs that we could own, per month! That would be a nice way of building a library of DVD movies without spending a lot.

I am also going to add a few extra movies for my gift closet. This way, if a birthday or holiday comes up, I can make up a “Movie Night” basket for a nice but inexpensive gift!

At only $5, the stock of movies might go fast, but these are some of the titles I spotted that were still available at that price:

The Devil Wears Prada
French Kiss
Hope Floats
Working Girl
Sleeping With the Enemy/Dying Young 2pk
Buffy the Movie/Drive Me Crazy
Beverly Hillbillies
Broken Arrow

27 Dresses
Moulin Rouge
Day the Earth Stood Still
Ever After
Independence Day
Die Hard
X2: X-Men United
Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure
Return To Me
Bend It Like Beckham
I Robot
Alien 20th Anniversary
Robin Hood-Men in Tights
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Hello Dolly
In Her Shoes
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Cutting Edge
Legally Blonde

Click here for the link: DVD Sale

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