Boscov’s Coupons and Getting Discounts
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Boscov’s Coupons and Getting Discounts

Posted on Tuesday, February 1st, 2011 at 10:12 am
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Boscov’s makes it easy to save on all of the items that you need for your family and your home. I’ve been familiar with Boscov’s for a while, as this family owned store chain has been a fixture in my area (Pennsylvania). It is known for great merchandise and decent prices.

Whenever there is a wedding locally, Boscov’s seems to be the place to register. Having experience with buying things from their registry, I can understand why. Items can be purchased in the store or online, and surprisingly, many registered items go on sale. My first Boscov’s shopping tip is to check online for the price or ask as sales associate. Many times the sale prices aren’t advertised. During a recent trip I was pleasantly surprised to find that a $75 silver photo album on the bride’s list was reduced to only $40.

The nice thing about shopping at Boscov’s online, other than the fact that you don’t have to travel to the Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland or New Jersey area to shop, is the bonus of using Boscov coupons and coupon codes to get even better discounts on all of the things that you need.

Boscov’s frequently runs free shipping discounts. Don’t shop at Boscov’s unless you first find a free shipping coupon, coupon code or promotion. Free shipping will save you a lot of money, especially on larger or heavier items, such as comforters, furniture or major appliances.

Sometimes the Boscov’s free shipping deals require a minimum purchase to qualify for the deals. At other times there is no minimum to get free shipping. The nice thing about the Boscov’s free shipping coupons is that sometimes there are no restrictions! You could save $60 or more with these coupons. Just read the fine print when you apply the coupon.

Using a coupon at Boscov’s online is easy. Simply type the coupon code into the box during checkout, and your discount will be applied. For discounts that don’t require a coupon code, simply follow the deal link. You’ll automatically see the discounted pricing.

To get more Boscov’s discounts, check out the outlet center. There are a lot of great bargains to find there. The outstanding values come with limited quantities, so if you see something that you like for a great price, order it right away. It might not be there tomorrow or even in a few hours.

Every category in the store is also available in the outlet center, from toys to cook wear, and many name brands are represented. Why pay twice as much for jewelry or electronics, for example, when you can get great deals on the previous designs or models that were full price just days or weeks ago?

Now here is my final tip for shopping at Boscov’s and saving money. Combine the Boscov’s coupons with the outlet center to get everything for less!

To see the current Boscov’s coupons, click here.

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