Black Friday Tips: Price Matching
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Black Friday Tips: Price Matching

Posted on Saturday, November 6th, 2010 at 7:53 am
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Christmas shopping tips

Christmas shopping tips

Are you ready for Black Friday? I’m sharing all of my tips for Black Friday shopping in order to help you get the best deals this year.

Many stores offer price matching on their products. They would rather that you purchase a product in their store instead of somewhere else. because of this, they will often offer to give you a discounted price on an item, when someone else is advertising that product for less. You’ll have to prove the sale price to the store employee by bringing in the ad. This saves you a lot of time, energy and legwork, since you can shop for practically everything at your favorite store instead of running all over town.

You can score some great deals this way on Black Friday. if a store doesn’t have a particular product on a Black Friday sale, then they are more likely to have that product in stock. You can get some great secret deals this way. While everyone is flooding the other store that advertised a deal, you can quietly get the same deal somewhere else with little hassle.

One drawback, is that many stores have special rules on Black Friday, and the normal price matching policy may be affected. If that happens, you won’t be able to price match using a competitor’s ad during any Black Friday events. For example, last year, Toys R Us stated that it would not be price matching on Black Friday.

The best way to approach a price matching strategy on Black Friday is to find out the store policy ahead of time. Usually this will be printed somewhere on the Black Friday ad, but you may just have to call your local store ahead of time to find out. If your store does allow price matching on Black Friday, then the next step will be to gather up all of your Black Friday store ads.

Keep in mind that most stores won’t honor Internet deals in their retail stores, even if the online deal is on their own website.

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