Black Friday Thrift and Consignment Store Deals
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Black Friday Thrift and Consignment Store Deals

Posted on Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 at 8:00 am
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This year, even the thrift stores the the consignment are gearing up for Black Friday with deals, giveaways and early-bird specials. Some stores are even offering discounted gift certificates, free wrapping and temporary warehouse locations with clearance pricing.

The deals that you find at thrift stores will be different from the hot must-have electronics and toys that are featured in the traditional retail stores, but don’t let that stop you from finding some great gifts at one of these places. There is an art to thrift store shopping, but with the holidays, now is the best time to try them out. The stores will be making it a lot easier to shop this season with great displays and easier ways to find what you need.

Did you know that not all of the merchandise at thrift stores and consignment stores is used? Many of the stores get in brand new merchandise directly from the retail stores themselves. For example, Goodwill gets tons of merchandise straight from Target. So if you missed out on last year’s hot toy, chances are pretty good that you will find it this year at the Goodwill for a seriously discounted price.

Just as in any store on Black Friday, there will be some competition to deal with at the thrift stores and the consignment stores. There are hot items that everyone wants. You’ll have to arrive early if you want to take advantage of these deals.

  • Vintage Christmas decorations. The old style of glass bulbs for the Christmas tree are really hot right now.
  • Costume jewelery
  • Wrapped (new in the package) toys
  • Crystal glasses
  • Evening wear and accessories, such as vintage purses

Other gift ideas:

  • Books. You can get books at anywhere from a quarter to a dollar a piece. Fill up a large book full of books for a book lover for a gift that will be highly appreciated and only cost you a few dollars.
  • Casual and coworker gifts. If you want to get a little something for office mates, the classroom teacher, the post officer, the neighbor, the school bus driver, then you may quickly find yourself breaking the bank. The thrift and consignment stores are a wealth of small gifts, from pretty tea cups and mugs that you can fill with tea, coffee or hot chocolate accessories, to small figurines.

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