Black Friday Online Deals
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Black Friday Online Deals

Posted on Thursday, November 24th, 2011 at 11:12 am
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Most shoppers are very excited about the Black Friday.  While many stores have revealed what their Black Friday deals will be, there are some that have decided to keep that information a secret.  To find those deals, you have to get online, and sign up with each individual retailer. has revealed at least some of what their Black Friday deals will be.  Since Amazon only exists in an online format, you have to go to their website in order to shop their Black Friday Sale.  This is one store that won’t require shoppers to wait in line out in the cold!

Anyone who cares to can simply go to, click on the Black Friday link, and view the deals.  If you would like to find this information even faster, then you can sign up for daily emails from Amazon.  The email will highlight some of their best Black Friday deals.

Bath and Body Works has not yet revealed what deals it will offer shoppers on Black Friday.  In order to find out, you have to sign up to receive email from Bath and Body Works.  Give them your email address, and you will learn about their Black Friday sale quicker than everyone who didn’t sign up for the email.

People who sign up for the email will get access to a special offer.  You can get the 2011 V.I.P. Bag for $20.00, (when you make a $40.00 purchase).  This bag is filled with eleven Bath and Body Works products, (but it doesn’t say exactly which ones).

Barnes & Noble is another retailer that hasn’t revealed exactly what deals it will offer on Black Friday.  If you want to be among the first to know about their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, you have to give them your email address.  Those that sign up will also receive additional email from Barnes & Noble, about other special offers and news (not specifically related to Black Friday).

Planning to shop at Walmart this Black Friday?  Before you head out the door, you should go to the Walmart Facebook page.  Put in your zip code, and click the button that says ?ike  This gives you access to a map of your local Walmart store.

Use this map to mark down exactly where the items you are hoping to purchase on Black Friday are located in the store.  Now, you can go directly to the item that you most wanted to purchase, without having to waste any time searching around for it.

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