Black Friday and In Store Pick Up
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Black Friday and In Store Pick Up

Posted on Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 at 10:43 am
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Imagine getting a big screen high definition television for less than $500 without waiting online during Black Friday? It is possible when you shop for Black Friday specials online during Thanksgiving Day. To save on shipping of your large items, most stores have a free ship to store option. You can lock in that bargain price without all of the hassle.

But trying ship to store on Black Friday deals can backfire, leaving you with nothing but a refund on the product you thought you bought. Here is what you need to know to protect yourself and get the bargains as well.

So how can the deal backfire if you shop online for the specials and then go to pick up the item? Well, with all of the craziness of Black Friday shopping, the store may not want to be bothered with filling your ship to store item, or they may have already sold it to someone else. You see, the store fills that ship to store order from its existing inventory. They don’t usually set the items aside or check that an order came in from online.

You can still take your chances, of course, and there are some steps you can take that will improve your chances of getting your deal.

First, establish a relationship with the manager. Tell him or her that you are about to make some purchases online and would like to pick them up at that particular store. If you know exactly what model numbers you’ll be buying, include that information as well.

Ask the manager what the policy of having those items available. Can they be held? Offer to come during a less busy time for pick up. Find out exactly where in the store you’ll need to go to pick up your ship to store items.

If you can, find out how many of the the items that the store will have in stock and if any are generally set a for filling Internet offers.

Make sure to have your conversations with the store well before Black Friday or the manager may just not have any time to talk with you.

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