Black Friday 101: Getting the Most Out of Shopping
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Black Friday 101: Getting the Most Out of Your Shopping

Posted on Friday, November 15th, 2013 at 8:00 am
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iStock_000027370369XSmallIt’s no secret, Black Friday is one of the best times to shop in regards to prices, but one of the busiest too. In order to get the most out of your shopping trip we at want to make sure you’re the most informed shopper possible. Here are our best tips on doing Black Friday right:

1. Know What You Want

Black Friday is one of the busiest and most competitive shopping days of the year and you can bet there will be some great deals. Stores will often widely advertise what they call “doorbusters”. Doorbusters are deeply discounted deals that will incentivize people to come shopping on Black Friday in the hopes that they’ll something other than a doorbuster while browsing. In order to maximize your savings we recommend you making a thoughtful and thorough list of exactly what you plan on purchasing so as to eliminate needless purchases. However, to know exactly what you want from each store you’ll have to do a bit of homework.

2. Do Your Homework

Like we just mentioned creating a thorough list will help you save, but in order to create a solid list you’ll have to browse the ads. Luckily stores have already begun releasing their Black Friday ads so you can get a jump-start on your list of exactly what you plan on buying. Keep an eye out for these ads on because we’ll be highlighting what the best deals are in these ads. Also, when doing your homework, be sure to double-check the hours of the stores you plan on visiting. Opening hours, whether a store will be open on Thanksgiving or not, vary depending on the store.

3. Know What You’re Getting Yourself Into

We can’t emphasize it enough. Black Friday gets hectic and you will be around plenty of shoppers. Be prepared to walk and stand in plenty of lines during this shopping holiday. If you plan on shopping during the wee hours of Friday morning don’t forget to pack some warm clothing, snacks, ¬†and extra coffee to keep you awake! Another great piece of advice is to bring along a buddy. No one can be everywhere at one time, so bring a friend and split up your shopping to be more effective and quick. Check out our “Use the Buddy System on Black Friday” blog for more tips on being an effective shopping team!

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