Big Savings Strategies for Electronics & Appliances | Big Savings Strategies for Electronics & Appliances
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Big Savings Strategies for Electronics & Appliances

Posted on Wednesday, September 30th, 2009 at 11:55 am
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I’ve been thinking a lot about electronics and appliances lately. Maybe because I’ve been spotting some great deals, or maybe it is simply because our family computer is slower than molasses and our electric range/oven was originally installed in our home in 1962.
If you are thinking the same thing I am, then you might be able to take advantage of some of the following big saving strategies for electronics and appliances.

First of all, do you remember the day that I did all of that running around and got some great clearance deals on Halloween and fall items? Well, while we were in the mall, we had to pass through Sears on our way. I went right past the appliances and stopped to ask a saleswoman about upcoming sales. She informed me that this Sunday, October 4th is the friends and family event. Shop on Sunday, and you’ll get great deals, such as 30 percent off appliances.

Another plus for Sears are their scratch and dent stores. Have you heard of these. They don’t have them everywhere, but you can usually find one in your state or the next state over. These are appliances sold at deep, deep discounts because of the occasional ding or scratch that accidentally happens when the appliances is being shipped or moved. Heck, my kids will do this anyway, so why not save a few hundred dollars on a little ding?

Related to the scratch and dent store are online ways to save for a similar reason. Electronics Expo has some great deals on Open Box merchandise and both Apple, Dell and HP frequently refurbish returns and sells them for deep discounts. You still get the same warranties, so there is no risk there. The laptop I am typing this post on was a refurbished item from Apple. In four years it has never needed a repair other than a new cord when someone in my house tripped on it.

Check both the Electronics category and the For the Home Category on the left for current deals. I’ll also pull a few of these out for you.

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