Best Things to Buy in October
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Best Things to Buy in October

Posted on Tuesday, October 9th, 2018 at 7:00 am
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Every month, there are annual sales. The very best time to buy something is when it goes on sale. You can pick up some great stuff without having to spend much money. If you wait to buy it later – it will cost more money than it does now.

October is National Pizza Month. This means you are likely to find coupons and discounts from all of the big chain pizza franchises. There may even be a deal on delivery. The best thing about it is that your family can have pizza night in October for less than it would cost any other month.

Stores tend to purchase too much denim for their Back To School sales. By October, the stores realize that they have too much stock. So, they have denim sales. It’s great for parents who want to pick up a few more pairs of jeans for their kids. It is also a good opportunity for people who need to buy new jeans to replace some worn out ones.

Halloween Candy
Those who live in areas where there are plenty of children are going to need to buy some Halloween candy. It tends to get less expensive the closer we get to Halloween. You might be able to knock down the price a little more by using your loyalty card.

The best time to buy Halloween candy is the day after Halloween. Pick up the type of candy that your family enjoys, or bring some in to work to share with co-workers.

Patio Furniture
Do you need to replace your patio furniture? The best time to do that is in October. Patio furniture takes up a lot of space in stores, and they generally don’t want to store summer items all year long. Patio furniture is on sale now.

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