Best Reader Savings Tips
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Best Reader Savings Tips

Posted on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011 at 10:12 am
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Over on on Facebook fan page, I asked our readers for their best non-coupon savings tips. Wow! Our readers are so smart. I am really impressed and blessed and learned a new thing or two.

I wanted to share the comments here in the blog, in case you haven’t yet become a Freecoupons Facebook fan. We have some fun over there!

Whose tip is your favorite?

Tabatha says: Sometimes buying generic brands even with coupons on non generic brands is cheaper!

Lori says: Look for SALES…BOGO!

Robin says: Plan your meals around what is on sale.

Brandie says: always take time to go to the thrift stores. If you dig you may find some amazing things….

Shannon says: Price matching!

Mandy says: look for sales, markdowns, in store promotions. Two of our stores have certain spots in-store where they place the dented cans/crushed boxes and sell them for half price. Most of the time these are great buys. I also plan my menus out. This saves time and money and takes away the stress of “what to have for dinner.” Simply pull something out from the freezer the night before, making sure to defrost it in the fridge.

Kayla Says: Dollar Tree is one of my favorite finds ever! Everything is $1 and they have some GREAT things in there sometimes 🙂

Lavon says: Word of mouth…. I tell friends about sales and they tell me.

Kathryn says: I buy things after the holiday is over. I just bought several little toys for my son’s birthday party goodie bags for $.25 a piece instead of $2 or $3 each it would have cost if I had waited until closer to his birthday. All because they were packaged in Easter packaging!

Eileen says: Know which store always has a better lower price on your favorite brands. For example Chips Ahoy are $1.99 at my walmart and over $3 at local grocery.

Sabrina says: I make my own laundry detergent. Works well, is super easy to do, and costs under $2 a batch, which lasts my family about 6 weeks. I was paying about $15 for the same amount previously.


If anyone else would like to contribute their best non-coupon money saving tip, please join the discussion on the Freecoupons Facebook fan page or leave a comment here, and I’ll add you suggestion to the list! Let’s keep it going.

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