Benefits of AAA
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Benefits of AAA

Posted on Wednesday, February 8th, 2012 at 9:49 am
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I have had friends tell me that I should get AAA.  I didn’t fully understand why until I looked at the benefits that AAA offers to new members.  It certainly gives me more than my auto insurance policy does!

AAA stands for American Automobile Association.  It does not sell auto insurance.  Instead, it provides its members with a lot of nice “extras” that most people will not find in a typical car insurance policy.  If you end up having car trouble while out on the road, AAA can help you to solve that problem.  They will provide roadside assistance, along with a bunch of other helpful benefits.

One of the things that AAA is known for is its Towing Benefits.  Members can call AAA instead of a towing company.  You can do this up to four times in a given year, and AAA will tow your vehicle for up to seven driving miles, in any direction from the spot where you had a breakdown.

It also provides Rental Car Benefits, (in Southern California).  This is used in conjunction with the Towing Benefit.  Since you can’t drive your broken vehicle home, AAA will get you a discount on a rented car.

What if you run out of gas while driving?  AAA offers an Emergency Fuel Delivery benefit.  They will bring you a limited supply of gas, which should be enough to get you to the nearest gas station.  You have to pay for the gas that they bring out to you.  It beats being stuck on the road!

Have you ever locked your keys inside your car?  AAA offer a Vehicle Locksmith Service.  They will send out a service provider, who will attempt to gain entry into your vehicle.  If he is unable to do that, a locksmith will be called.  AAA provides up to $60.00 for parts and labor when locksmith services are required.  AAA can also provide you with a spare key card, which you can use the next time you accidentally lock your keys inside your vehicle.

AAA also provides a bunch of services that I would not have expected them to.  They offer an identity theft monitoring program.  They can help you with DMV transactions (such as renewing your vehicle registration).  There are AAA approved auto repair facilities, which have to meet AAA standards of quality.  You can also go to a AAA branch for notary services.


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