Awesome Ways to Repurpose Baby Food Jars
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Awesome Ways to Repurpose Baby Food Jars

Posted on Wednesday, November 14th, 2012 at 7:00 am
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Don't toss those empty glass baby food jars into the recycling bin!  They can be repurposed into so many wonderful things for your home. There is so much you can do with an empty baby food jar. Right now, you are probably rinsing them out and tossing them into the recycling bin. After you read this blog, you will be inspired to save them up and repurpose those baby food jars in creative and useful ways!

New parents quickly realize that their baby goes through a lot of diapers, formula, and baby food. Every little bit of money you can save helps you stay within a budget. One way to save is to repurpose something that you already have instead of going out and buying a brand new item. Here are some awesome ideas for repurposing all those empty baby food jars.

Creative Ways to Repurpose Baby Food Jars

Baby Food Jar Candle Holders
Empty glass baby food jars are the perfect size for holding a votive candle! All you have to do is decorate them. You can crochet yarn, of any color, around the jar to make a delicate, lacy, candle holder. Or, you can wrap the jar in a lacy doily that will let a lot of light shine through it. Wind a sprig from your Christmas tree around the top of the baby food jar for a nicely scented Christmas centerpiece.

Baby Food Jar Gardens
Glass baby food jars can be reused as a small, decorative, planter. Turn a bunch of empty baby food jars into an herb garden that sits in your kitchen window. You can also use the jars to grow a windowsill flower garden. Wrap a colorful ribbon around the jar, or use some decorative duck tape to jazz it up.

Baby Food Jar Spice Holders
It’s not exactly a spice rack, but it is the most important components of one. Gazing In has an excellent blog post that shows you how to take empty baby food jars and reuse them to store your spices. Label each one, so you will know what it is holding. You can decorate them to match your kitchen. All the spices will be held in jars that are a uniform size, just like they would be in a store bought spice rack.

Baby Food Gift Items
Repurposed baby food jars can be used as lovely gifts. Fill one with bath salts decorate the lid, and you have a really cute “stocking stuffer”. Fill a baby food jar with potporri and cover it with a doily for an instant air freshener. The possibilities are endless!

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