Apple Card Offers Unlimited Daily Cash Back
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Apple Card Offers Unlimited Daily Cash Back

Posted on Wednesday, August 4th, 2021 at 7:00 am
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Looking for a credit card that gives you cash back? Apple Card does this by giving users Daily Cash back every day. Use your Apple Card to make a purchase, and you can immediately see how much cash back you have received.

When you buy something using Apple Card, you get a percentage of your purchase back in Daily Cash. It’s real cash, so unlike rewards, it never expires or loses its value. Your cash is deposited right into your Apple Cash card in the Wallet app – not a month from now, but every day.

And there’s no limit to how much you can get. Use it to buy things in stores, on websites, and in apps. Make a payment on your Apple Card. Payback a friend in Messages. Or send it straight to your bank account and watch it add up.

There are no fees on Apple Card – not even hidden ones. Apple eliminated fees and built tools to help you pay less interest, You can apply in minutes to see if you are approved with no impact to your credit score. Advanced technologies like Face ID, Touch ID, and Apple Pay give you a new level of privacy and security.

As you may have expected, you need to have an iPhone in order to get an Apple Card. The only way to apply for the Apple Card is to apply for it through your iPhone.

The best way to use Apple Card is with Apple Pay – the secure technology built into iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac, and accepted at 85 percent of merchants in the United States. Apple Pay is a safer way to pay that helps you avoid touching buttons or exchanging cash.

Every purchase you make using your Apple Card with Apple Pay gets you 2% Daily Cash back. No points to calculate. No limits or deadlines. Just real cash that’s ready to spend whenever, wherever, and however you want.

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