All About CalFresh
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All About CalFresh

Posted on Monday, October 22nd, 2012 at 6:12 am
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The CalFresh Program is a a supplemental program that is specific to the state of California.  It is the California State version of the SNAP program.  SNAP stands for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.  It is a federal program that goes by different names, and that has somewhat different details, for each state.
The SNAP program used to be called the Food Stamps program.  Originally, food stamps were issued to needy people.  This was long before people could Print Grocery coupons  or receive Coupons in the mail.  Today, people receive their monthly benefits from the CalFresh Program through an electronic benefits card.  The CalFresh program is designed to improve the health and well-being of the households and individuals who qualify for it, by providing them with a way to meet their nutritional needs.

There are several eligibility requirements for CalFresh.  The program is available to citizens of the United States.  Some non-citizens may be eligible as well, but it helps if the person is a legal immigrant.  A person must have lived in the country for five years, or must be receiving disability related benefits, or must be a child under the age of 18.  If you don’t qualify for CalFresh, it is possible that someone else in your household will.

A person’s income is considered.  There is a limit that is based upon the number of people who live in the household.  For example, a single person who has a net income of $903 would be eligible.  If there are four people in the household, then their net income must be below $1,838 in order to be eligible.  You can have up to $2,000 in savings assets.

Certain types of income are exempt from being considered.  For example “In-Kind Benefits” are benefits that are not in the form of money.  This means that you can safely Print Grocery coupons or receive Coupons in the mail without having to worry about being disqualified from the CalFresh program for using them.  Other resources, like your personal property, stocks, and the money in your savings account, will be considered.

Recipients of CalFresh, who are between the ages of 18 and 49, must work an average of 20 hours per week in order to stay on the program.  All adults in the program will be fingerprinted, and must be able to provide a photo image of themselves when they apply to CalFresh.

CalFresh includes all foods that are designed for human consumption, and seeds and plants to grow food for your family to eat.  Those of you who like to Print Grocery coupons of your favorite brands can still use them.  You cannot purchase pet food, soap, paper products, household supplies, grooming items, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or medicines with CalFresh.  If you get Coupons in the mail for these types of products, I would recommend that you use them.

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