ALDI Will Add 45 Stores in California
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ALDI Will Add 45 Stores in California

Posted on Monday, July 20th, 2015 at 6:58 pm
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aldiFrugal shoppers who live in California have something to look forward to. ALDI is planning on expanding and will add approximately 45 stores in California. The store is already popular in other states because of its low prices.

Why is ALDI expanding into California? The answer has to do with a study that the store organized. It was done through KRC Research and conducted via an online survey of 1,029 Americans who were ages 18 or older. The survey was done during May 21 – 24 of 2015.

In the survey, 61% of US adults said that it was too difficult for them to eat healthy and organic foods on a budget. About 8 out of 10 respondents said that they would buy fresh, high-quality and organic products if it wasn’t so expensive.

ALDI has low prices on fresh, high-quality products all year round. This includes organic items, which they sell for 50% less than traditional grocers do. (That number was based on a price comparison of comparable products sold at leading retail grocery stores.) ALDI has been known for it’s low prices for a very long time.

The growing consumer interest in lower prices and better quality of food is the main reason why ALDI is expanding into California. Their plan is to launch approximately 45 new stores in Southern California in 2016. The first stores of this new expansion will open in March of 2016. This is part of a five year plan that will result in the opening of 650 ALDI stores across the United States.

In addition to low prices, ALDI is known for a few things it does that not all grocery stores do. They rent their shopping carts to customers. It costs a quarter to rent a cart. Use the cart to do your grocery shopping and to bring your groceries to your vehicle after you are finished. Bring the cart back to where you got it from, and you can get your quarter deposit back.

That unique system is part of what helps ALDI keep its prices low. They don’t have to hire someone to go collect the carts, periodically, all through the day. The carts stay in one place, and are not out in the parking lot. This reduces the damage that can happen to cars when a stray cart rolls into one.

ALDI charges customers for shopping bags. This is something that many stores in California already have been doing, especially in places that have a plastic bag ban. Customers can avoid the extra charge for bags by bringing in their own reusable shopping bags. ALDI doesn’t have to pay for the plastic bags that some other stores hand out. This enables ALDI to charge less for their products.

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