Aldi Introduces Healthier Checkouts
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Aldi Introduces Healthier Checkouts

Posted on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016 at 4:10 pm
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aldiWhat kinds of things are in the checkout line at your favorite grocery store? Chances are, that small area is filled with junk that you simply don’t need – and that you would prefer your kids not ask for. Aldi is making a change to that contentious area by introducing healthier checkouts.

The things stocked in the checkout lines at grocery stores are notoriously bad for shoppers. This is where the store put as many “impulse buys” as possible. A magazine with a famous person on the cover might catch your attention. Your kids, however, are more likely to beg for a cold soda or a candy bar.

For parents, the checkout line might be the most stressful part of grocery shopping! It is one of the most likely places in the store where a child will beg for some kind of junk food and a parent will say “no”. This can lead to an embarrassing “meltdown”.

Aldi is making a change that will make shoppers lives healthier and less stressful. They will be removing the junk food that is typically found at the grocery store checkouts. That area won’t be empty, however. Aldi will replace the junk with healthier foods.

Some of the healthier food options will include trail mixes, granola bars, nuts, dried fruit, as well as some fresh produce. This change is being referred to as a “refresh” of the checkout lanes.

It appears that at least some of the healthier products being offered in the checkout lanes will be from Aldi’s SimplyNature line of products. There may be other healthy brands as well. Aldi’s SimplyNature line is described as “products made with honest ingredients that you can feel good giving to your family”.

This doesn’t mean that Aldi is going to completely get rid of the candy that you used to find in the checkout lanes. The store will remove the candy from the checkout and place it in an aisle with the rest of the candy the store sells. In other words, families can still buy candy at Aldi, but they will have to pick it up while they shop.

Aldi stores in St. Louis, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, and Minneapolis will be among the first to see a healthy change in the items offered at the checkout line. If things go well, this “refresh” will expand to other Aldi stores. Families that shop at those stores won’t have to battle with their children over whether or not they can have a candy bar that they spotted while waiting in line. Instead, your child might ask for a granola bar or some dried fruit. Those are much healthier choices!

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