Affording Disney Store Clothing
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Affording Disney Store Clothing

Posted on Thursday, November 26th, 2009 at 8:21 am
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I have to say that I love Disney Store products. That is, stuff that is sold at the Disney Store. There are plenty of licensed Disney products that are sold elsewhere, in places such as Target, Walmart, Sears and even the local grocery store, but these can vary in quality.

I especially like the clothing that is available at the Disney Store, because it really stands the test of time. I have sweatshirts that were purchased in 200o and have been washed and worn many times. They are just starting to fray at bit at the cuffs, now, but in the last nine years, they haven’t noticeably faded or lost their shape.

Disney Store clothes for my kids have held up equally well. They get through two or three kids and still look good enough to pass down to others. And while I wouldn’t personally pass along my kid’s underwear, I can’t beat it for the fit and the sturdy elastic. The socks also seem to hold up long after other brands develop holes. And then there are the Halloween costumes that are warm and of good quality.

Christmas presents this year will include several Disney clothing items, plus a couple of beach blankets and throws.

Okay, before I start sounding like a Disney Store commercial, let me move on to how we can afford to partake of all of these wonderful bounty of Disney clothing. There are several strategies I employ.

The first is to shop at the outlet. Fortunately, we have a Disney Store outlet about 45 minutes away from us. There I can stock up on t-shirts that are $3 or less, dresses for under $10, sneakers for $3 or less and more. The special occasion clothing and those Halloween costumes are real deals. If you don’t happen to be near a Disney Store outlet, you can always check out the online outlet store. It might not have the same selection, but the items are more geared to the current season. The online outlet is divided by category.

Here is the link to the Baby Outlet for example. There are some adorable onsies there right now.

If you do shop online, use the code SHIP89 to get free shipping when you spend $89. It expires on 12/17.

Speaking of seasons, I try to shop just after a season or a holiday as often as possible, when I shop the regular non-outlet Disney Store. Merchandise gets marked down pretty quickly, so I can get some good deals. In the case of my kids, I stock up on next year’s sizes.

Another way to save at the Disney Store is to look for the T-shirt sales. In the summer, T-shirts will get marked way down for a limited time. With these sales, it is important to arrive early, or you may be left with nothing but XXL Grumpy T-shirts or XXS in whatever last year’s character was.

Happy Shopping!

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