Affordable Spring Break Options for Everyone!
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Affordable Spring Break Options – Fun for the Entire Family!

Posted on Wednesday, February 19th, 2014 at 8:00 am
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Since it's never too early to start planning your family's spring break we decided to provide you with some ideas that are affordable and fun! Making your dollars stretch is challenge enough already, but what about vacations? Treating yourself every once in a while can be nice, but sometimes it’s not feasible; especially for larger families! Since it’s never too early to start planning your family’s spring break we decided to provide you with some ideas that are not only affordable, but fun for the entire family too!

Spring Break on a Budget

1. Camping at a National Park

Get in touch with nature without breaking the bank! Camping at a local national park or natural setting can be a great way to spend quality time with your family members without too much of an expense. Try scheduling your camping trip around days when national parks offer free entrance (a list of those days can be found here). Also, since not every family owns all the necessary equipment, try renting the gear you need instead of purchasing it from local stores. Or, if you know camping fanatics, try borrowing gear from friends. One thing we do recommend is making reservations. With the weather warming up there will be plenty of competition for the  last camping site and you don’t want to be left out!

If your family doesn’t want to stray too far from home try camping in your backyard instead!

2. Explore the Culture in Your Area

Sometimes it takes a holiday to truly explore the city or area you already live in! Take some time over your children’s spring break to explore the culture and museums in your immediate area or in your nearest city. Also, if you happen to be a Bank of America or Merrill Lynch customer you are extra lucky! Bank of America and Merrill Lynch customers can take advantage of the Museums on Us program to gain free entrance to participating museums on select days. For a calendar and list of participating museums click here.

3. Alternative Spring Break

Instead of spending loads of money on plane tickets or a hotel  try dedicating your time to volunteering in your community in a way that is meaningful to your family. Alternative spring breaks provide a time for reflection and growth for the entire family that will be memorable for years to come. We recommend calling local homeless shelters, soup kitchens, or other community organizations to see who needs help.

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