A Trip to the Warehouse Store and Free Mr. Clean
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A Trip to the Warehouse Store and Free Mr. Clean

Posted on Monday, August 10th, 2009 at 11:03 am
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My family and I did a huge shopping trip at our local BJs warehouse store. Our stockpile was pretty low, because of cooking from the pantry in the last few weeks and a flour moth invasion from some Basmati rice we purchased (hint from our exterminator: never buy rice in those natural cloth bags).

I knew the bill was going to be large, but of course I did everything I can to bring it down by using coupons. BJs accepts manufacturer coupons, and they also have a number of store coupons.

The BJs store coupons can be found in a few different places. They will mail coupons and coupon booklets to you just by being a member. You can also pick up additional coupon sheets near the customer service desk. I always stop there when we arrive, or at least at the end of the trip before checkout just in case there are any coupons that I can additionally apply to my purchases.

While we were there yesterday, I spotted an extra coupon. You can get a free bulk size container of Mr. Clean All Purpose Cleaner when you buy Tide Total Care. Well, I wanted to combine my high value Tide Total Care coupon with the free Mr. Clean coupon for double savings. This was a great deal. The problem was that the store was out of the free product.

Unfortunately for me, and my relationship with BJs, they will not give out rain checks, they will not substitute a comparable product and they will not offer you a discount off of your bill for the cost of the free product. I asked all of these things of course.

After talking with the supervisor, I was offered some light at the end of the tunnel. I could bring back my receipt and get the free product with my coupon if I did it before the coupon expired (in three days), or I could call back and get additional months added to my membership.

Something is better than nothing, so it pays to voice a complaint. I also plan on contacting the corporate offices about their coupon policy and not stocking the free product (there was plenty of the Tide available in several different places throughout the store).

Have you had a recent run in with a store about its coupon policy?

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