A Guide to the Kohl’s Deals
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A Guide to the Kohl’s Deals

Posted on Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008 at 8:59 am
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Kohl’s.com often features some pretty amazing deals. I do a lot of my end-of-season shopping there. I purchase clothes, toys and housewares in advance of when I need them, such as getting next year’s clothing size for my kids or picking up birthday gifts for all of the parties that will occur throughout the year.

December is an especially great month for Kohl’s deals. You’ll see a lot of 50% off and 70% off great items, such as name brand toys, and those clothes that I was speaking about. They also usually do a great sale on Kitchenaid stuff, and I will be anticipating that one for myself.

How to Work the Kohl’s Deals

The Kohl’s deals are usually very limited in time span. Most of the time, the best deals are only up for one day at a time. This means that if you want to lowest prices and the best savings, you’ll need to check the links and coupons every day for Kohl’s. Since we don’t know what the deals will be in advance, you should click on the deal categories on the left: Baby Stuff, Beauty, Fashion, Diet & Health, Electronics, Entertainment, For the Home, Free Stuff, Groceries, Office Supplies, Pet Supplies, Restaurants, Travel Deals and Toys & Games, although you can probably skip the categories that Kohl’s doesn’t carry, such as Travel Deals. Make sure that you scroll down to get the latest coupons, because sometimes they tend to fall down to the bottom of the list.

I’ll be sure to pot the new deals and or coupons early in the morning as soon as they come out.

Today there is an amazing deal! Kohl’s is offering 50% off of its entire stock of Playskool and Little Tikes Toys! The fine print says that they may have a couple of items that are excluded, but I haven’t seen any so far.  For someone like me who has young children and lots of nieces and nephews, this deal will save me hundreds of dollars. You can click here for this deal: Kohl’s Toy Deal

Remember, it is for TODAY ONLY while supplies last, so head over now!

And here are three more deals with their big sale:

50-60% Off Electronics & Gadgets for Kids

50-60% Off Frames & Albums

50% Off Kitchen Electrics

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