7-Eleven to Offer Mobile Ordering, Delivery, and In-Store Pickup
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7-Eleven to Offer Mobile Ordering, Delivery, and In-Store Pickup

Posted on Monday, January 15th, 2018 at 7:00 am
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7-Eleven logo7-Eleven announced that it is testing on-demand ordering for delivery or in-store pickup for select 7-Eleven stores located in Dallas. This is being done via its new 7-ElevenNOW smartphone app.

The new 7-ElevenNOW app is currently being tested in 10 downtown and uptown 7-Eleven stores in Dallas, Texas. The app is expected to be rolled out to other locations in the United States during 2018. Customers in the Dallas area who enroll in the new 7-ElevenNOW app will receive free delivery on their first order.

The 7-ElevenNOW app is available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. It would be wise to wait until the on-demand ordering for delivery or in-store pickup services is offered at the 7-Eleven stores where you live before you download the app.

7-Eleven has more locations than any other convenience retailer in the world. It is currently undergoing a digital transformation, as it looks for ways to expand and enhance the company’s shopping footprint. In addition, 7-Eleven wants to give consumers quick and convenient ways to shop at 7-Eleven.

People who live in areas where their 7-Eleven stores have begun offering on-demand ordering for delivery or in-store pickup can place their order through the 7-ElevenNOW app. The customer can choose to receive the delivery directly to their location, or can pick up a prepared order at the participating store of their choice within the 7-ElevenNOW footprint.

Options for delivery or in-store pick up include a wide selection of items. Those options include snacks, cosmetics, gift cards, home goods, beverages, and hundreds of other products. Customers can pay for both delivery and pickup via the 7-ElevenNOW app.

If you want your purchase delivered, the app will place the order at the customer’s nearest participating 7-Eleven store. A courier will pick up the customer’s prepared items at that store and deliver them to the customer’s location. If you want to pickup your order, you can select which participating 7-Eleven store you prefer to pickup your items at. The order will be waiting at the register.

While you are waiting for the 7-ElevenNOW app to be useful where you live, you may want to download another 7-Eleven app. 7Rewards is an app-based customer loyalty program that is now available on a wider range of eligible purchases. In general, store loyalty programs typically offer special discounts, sales, and digital coupons to users.

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