5 Cleaning Powerhouses You Already Own
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5 Cleaning Powerhouses You Already Own

Posted on Friday, December 6th, 2013 at 8:00 am
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Instead of running out to the store to get specialized cleaning products, why not use what you already have in your home?We all love the holidays, but not the responsibilities that come with it. Whether you are cleaning up after guests have left, or cleaning up for their arrival, making sure your home is spotless can be torture. Instead of running out to the store to get specialized cleaning products why not use what you already have in your home? Little do you know, you probably already own these 5 cleaning powerhouses.

DIY Cleaning Products

1. Reusing Newspaper

Tired of your garbage can smelling disgusting? Next time you take out the trash place old newspapers on the bottom of your trashcan before you line the can with a new bag. The newspapers will soak up any leaks and smelly odors that escape from your bag.

2. Deodorize and De-Grime Your Microwave with Lemon

Did a bag of popcorn recently go awry in your microwave? Get rid of that foul scent with the help of some lemon! Halve a lemon and squeeze the juice into a small microwave-safe bowl full of water. Add the fruit to the bowl and microwave it for about five minutes. Your microwave should be left with a citrus scent while the steam from the water should have loosened ¬†any caked on splatters in your microwave. After you’ve microwaved your lemon water you should be able to wipe away any excess food splatter easily with a moist cloth or sponge.

3. Antacids (or Soda) to Clean Up Your Toilet Bowl

Instead of wasting toilet bowl cleaner try utilizing antacids to add some freshness between toilet bowl cleanings. All you have to do is drop your antacid tablets into the bowl and let it soak, brush the bowl, and flush. You can achieve the same results with a can of soda. Pour a can into the bowl and let it soak for approximately 1 hour to remove rings and mineral deposits.

4. Vinegar

Fill a spray bottle or dampen a rag with vinegar and use it to clean chrome or stainless steel items. You can also use vinegar to remove grime or mildew from your shower, bathroom tiles, or shower curtains.

5. Get Rid of Bathroom Mildew with Baking Powder and Lemon Juice

Make sure your bathroom is guest ready can be a hassle, but this tip will definitely make things easier! Fill a spray bottle with equal parts lemon juice and baking powder. Spray this mixture on all areas with mildew, or even places where you think it might spring up, and let it sit for about 2 hours. Once the areas are done soaking rinse it with warm water.

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