5 Alternate Uses for Baby Powder
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5 Alternate Uses for Baby Powder

Posted on Monday, October 21st, 2013 at 8:00 am
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We've come up with 5 great ideas on how to re-purpose that baby powder. That’s right, baby powder isn’t just for babies anymore. If you have a kiddo that no longer needs baby powder, or you just have some lying around the house, we’ve come up with 5  great ideas on how to re-purpose that baby powder. 

5 Alternative Uses for Baby Powder

1. Dry Shampoo 

If you don’t have enough time to shower, but you don’t want oily hair when you’re running out the door, baby powder makes for a great frugal dry shampoo. Baby powder is known for its ability  to absorb and that includes the oils on your scalp. Simply sprinkle some onto your hands and work it into your hair at the roots. Be sure to comb out excess baby powder so your hair doesn’t look white and streaky.

2. Getting Rid of Sand

If you live near a beach or have a child covered in wet sand baby powder will quickly become your new best friend. Simply sprinkle baby powder over the areas covered in sand and the baby powder will absorb the water thus making the sand dry and easier to brush off.

3. Odor Begone!

Do your favorite pair of shoes smell like they should be thrown away? Fight nasty odor with the help of baby powder! Sprinkle some inside your pair and let it sit overnight. The next day your shoes should be left with the faint and pleasant scent of baby powder. Shake out any excess powder so it doesn’t get on your socks.

4. De-Squeaking Floorboards

Do you have that one floorboard in your home that squeaks like no other? Get rid of that irritation with the help of some handy-dandy baby powder! Sprinkle some powder in the crevices of the squeaking floorboards and then sweep away the excess left on the floor. The baby powder should fill the cracks of the squeaking floorboards and end your annoyance.

5. Pet Care

Since baby powder is so gentle and has a light scent it also makes a great tool to deodorize your pets. Giving your pets a dry shampoo is very similar to giving yourself one too. Sprinkle baby powder into the fur of your pet and rub it into the roots. Leave the baby powder in for a few minutes before brushing out the extra powder from your pet’s fur.

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